Feeding in the Fog

Fog today.  What a surprise – I wasn’t expecting that.  Most odd.

Despite this, there is one who never forgets The Routine and I found him waiting for me.  The Handsome Stallion in the fog.


So, I ignored him and went off first in search of the bebbies to give them their breakfast.  I was worried they would be lost at the furthest end of their huge field but, being clever bebbies, they were close by.  Close enough to hear me open the gate and fill up their buckets.

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They enthusiastically ran into their paddock where I feed them.


Anyway, back to Taktur.  He is a fussy bugger.  Recently he said he might like soaked sugar beet pellets but only as a side order to his main dish of topline mix, conditioning cubes and rolled oats.  Putting the two buckets side by side means he can’t tip them up and scatter them round the field (drives me nuts).


Taktur has to be the slowest eater in the whole world.  He is like Ferdinand the Bull.  He takes a small mouthful, lifts his head, thinks about some poetry, sniffs the flowers in the ladies’ hats, chews vaguely and then considers another mouthful.  Dinner can take hours.


My nemeses  (yes, that is the plural for Nemesis – I looked it up)  are the chickens.  Their one pursuit of the day is his food and at £20 a bag, they are not having it.  This new method of feeding is very successful.


It also works against the small terrier vacuum attachment.


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