University Studies

Floss is home from university for the holidays (Easter, I think – I have lost track).  She came home with a huge pile of work that she is diligently ploughing through.  She occasionally deserves a break.  So what is better to clear the head than a bebbie moment?


They all take it in turns to offer sympathy to her plight of trying to study.

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The bebbies have come out of their shells completely now.  Storm, who was the shyest of them all originally, is always the first up.  He loves having his bum scratched and will reverse up, almost sitting on your knee, to get his point across!  It is very funny.


Did you know he has two black spots on his back?


The other two are beginning to look a bit more substantial now.


It will take a bit longer, I think, for Storm (but he is my favourite).  He has much more catching up to do.


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