Wrong Time, Wrong Place

As it was very windy this morning, we got the boys in for their hay, hard feed, rugs off and a rest.  We left the shed door open while we went to fetch them from the field –  we lead Efstur and the others all dutifully follow.  In the meantime Lambie went in to the shed to see what he could see…..

And a few minutes later four horses walk in and Lambie still doesn’t get the message. So Taktur bounced and kicked him out.

Lambie was appalled.  I went to find him and to check he was ok.  He had gone to bed.

Oh Lambie *** sigh ***.

I checked there was nothing broken and that he was ok all over. I also fed him some TurmerAid in case anything hurt. I brought a pocketful of barley rings which he managed to choke down.

And yes, I kissed him better (but not his bottom which is where he got kicked because that would’ve been wierd! I kissed him on the top of his head because that is a nice bit.)

And I have been checking Lambie all day to see he is a) still alive or b) alright.  He is a little subdued and enjoying the fuss – probably more shocked than actually hurt. Taktur pushed him out with his back legs rather than gave him both barrels.

The power of the ginger biscuit is also being put the to the test.  I feel very sorry for my little Lamb. He didn’t expect to be forcefully evicted from the stable. I do hope he has learned his lesson.  Never get in the way of four hungry Icelandic horses.

5 thoughts on “Wrong Time, Wrong Place

  1. Cathy

    Oh poor Lambie! He may have pushed his luck but he looks genuinely shocked peeping out from his bedroom. ( Is that his second best bedroom, or the VIP suite? ). I hope he will get some TLC in front of your wood burner this evening, and feel better in the morning.

    1. Frances Post author

      That is his second best bedroom (no wifi, no radio). The girls have taken up residence in his best bedroom. To be fair, though, he had long vacated it.

  2. Kerry

    Oh dear, poor Lambie – has that air of always the bridesmaid never the bride!

    And thanks for reminder about ginger biscuits – the wonder drug – if our sailing over int cancelled tomorrow we might need them.

    Hubby got over yesterday – and Miley appreciated Monster’s Palace – but I have had the warning text amd email followed by a phone call from a Hooman


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