Food and Shelter

Whinge Alert!

I have a cold.
It is freezing and windy outside – a north wind which makes my bones ache too.
My back hurts – I am back on Tramadol
My nose is blocked

And worst of the worst, I can’t taste anything

/Whinge Over

There was a weather window this morning so we all made the most of it.

Shelter and a good supply of fibre, a horse’s central heating system, are everything when the weather is bad.  The Icelandic horses stay out all day and night because they are all fat, very furry and happy.  We have put them together, except for Taktur and Kappi – they get to come in at night as they are both in training.

My OH was on repair duty.  There were lots of little things to do – repair fences, important gates, etc.

The Shetland ponies were around the house last night.  Daisy went to check her boys in their stable and found all four (Delia, Tor, Albie and Newt) all curled up and fast asleep in Lambie’s second-best bedroom.

This morning, as the weather had calmed down, we put the ponies back out into their field with their boxes of silage.

Delia gets to stay outside and I gave her a block of pressed alfalfa.

These were left over from last year.

Delia loved it.

So, with everyone happy and eating, I drove over to Leradale.

It was completely different there.  It felt calmer and warmer.  A lack of the windchill factor, I think.

There is so much shelter from the surrounding hills as well as drystone dykes (walls).

When I lie awake at night listening to the wind howling and the hail crashing down outside, it is reassuring to know that everyone is fine.

In the wee small hours, I worry.



5 thoughts on “Food and Shelter

  1. Linda

    Things always seem worse in “the wee small hours” don’t they? Then you wake up in the morning and wonder what all the fuss was about.

    Take care of yourself; stay warm inside and out (i.e., lots of warm liquids/foods, etc.)

  2. robin

    The final whinge disappointment would be if you were out of gin and tonic. PLEASE LET THAT NOT BE SO!!!!!!!!!!!! Get well soon!

  3. Sam

    Sorry you are under the weather. Glad to know that all the furry ones of your family are safely tucked up at night. Would make me worry in the wee hours too! Too bad you didn’t get a picture of the sleeping foursome in Lambie’s 2nd best bedroom.

  4. Nancy

    I hope you are feeling better now.
    It is freezing over here, but I’m sure it’s nothing compared to the weather over there.
    I worry about all kinds of things when I hear the wind howling…


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