I like to feed the youngstock, ie Efstur and Hjalti, with extra hard feed as they are both growing lads and winter is a difficult time, grass-wise.

You would think this would be easy.  Of course they would eat.  But no, Efstur has little, if any interest in hard feed.  He eats some to be polite and then tries to wear the bucket on his head.  It is very frustrating for me to watch.

So, rather than let him kick the feed around and waste it, I contrived a cunning plan.

I added sliced carrot, an obvious and very visual favourite, to the Mare & Youngstock, plus some Cool Mix.

And then I went forth into the field where they live with three vultures!

Sorry, that would be Iacs…..

An enraged Haakon……

As well as the always-helpful Klængur.

The big boys were not happy with this situation at all.  Despite a good supply of silage in the mornings, a bucket of hard feed with carrots is always considered better provender.

Haakon wanted the food.

But I came into the field armed with a dressage stick.

Purpose – for keeping unwanted noses out of the bucket.


This spell works well…..

(on most).

I mean it is not as though anyone is actually thin.  In the trade this is known as an “apple bottom”.  I think we can all see why.

Yes, Iacs, we can!

I let the tidy-up squad finish off.

Efstur’s bottom is on the far right.  He is looking good so I am not that worried.

(Btw, the ground, although churned up, is fairly dry and there is grass to be found on the other side of the stream and sliced carrot is answer!)

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