Flossie Flies Off

I drove my younger daughter, Flossie, to Sumburgh airport this morning, leaving OH and Daisy to feed the hoards in a gale (sorry, guys and thank you!)

Because of the stormy weather, folk had been offered the opportunity to change their flight plans.  The airport was fairly empty as a result.  We had decided to risk it.

Amazingly, Floss’ plane took off on time and, as I write, has just landed in England (with one change at Aberdeen).  She said the flight off the island was “ a bit bumpy but very quick”!

I can well imagine.

Once I had dropped Flossie off, I started the drive home.

The sea is on both sides of the airport and there are three runways to choose from.

This is the end of the runway we have to drive over in the car to get to the airport.

We wait at the barrier.  It is like a train level crossing only with aircraft.  You just drive over the runway once the barrier is up, obviously.

“The western end of runway 09 crosses the A970 road between Sumburgh and the northern mainland; access is controlled by a level crossing with barriers closed whenever a flight is taking off or landing.” – from Wikipedia

Anywho, it was a lovely Christmas break and we are all going to miss Flossie very much.

Safe travels, Flossie and thank you for all your help this holiday.  I wonder whether she would fly back to Shetland if the Boyzenberries escaped back into the hill?  Do you think her Oxford tutors would understand?

9 thoughts on “Flossie Flies Off

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Hope Flossie got back safely – can’t have been much fun in the winds we’ve had today. What is she studying at Oxford, Frances? It’s a lovely city – two of my cousins did there first degrees there. Have you got snow yet?

        1. Frances Post author

          Yes, she went to Peking Univeristy for a year and then interned for Allen & Overy, International lawyers.

  2. Nancy

    Awww, I love that last photo!! Sooooooo cuuuuuttteee!!

    The runway crossing sounds scary, but I guess it isn’t once you get used to it. What an interesting place you live where you have to cross a runway to get to the airport!!
    I would hate to be waiting at the crossing during a super windy storm! I would be hoping the plane doesn’t go even an inch off course during take off or landing! And a big sigh of relief after the plane passes…whew!

  3. Sam

    Of course Flossie’s professors should allow her to return to gather up Bozenberries! Perhaps her Chinese is what brought them back.

  4. louise Stopford

    Wow never seen an airport that deserted!! Wish Manchester Airport was like that. I think Flossie was very brave to fly during your stormy weather. Studying Chinese – that sounds pretty amazing (and very difficult). What does she hope to do eventually when she completes the course? I think if I lived on Shetland, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else … ever again – looks so beautiful.


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