A Rapture of Rutabagas

We were very kindly gifted two swedes (rutabaga, yellow turnip, Swedish turnip, neep, call them what you will.).

(or Brassica napobrassica, or Brassica napus var. napobrassica, or Brassica napus subsp. rapifera depending on your preference).


I decided not to cut the swedes up but to put them out into the horse and ponies’ field whole so they could have some fun trying to eat them.

Kappi squished his nose flat against it.


Tiddles was utterly bemused.  He just stood and stared with his nose touching this mysterious vegetable.


Iacs tried to eat it whole.


Despite everyone crowding round and wanting a turn, most managed to share nicely. and without a fight.


Haakon would only share with Iacs.


Afterwards, Haakon wandered round looking like a dinosaur for a while but soon got bored and went off to eat grass.


Apart from Haakon letting the side down, there were no arguments and lots of standing back to let another have a turn.  I like that – the big boys are very tolerant of the little noses pressing in trying to get food.

BN2A3623    BN2A3650

Tiddles remained hypnotised.


He did manage to roll it over, but that was about the extent of the investigation.


Iacs tried grabbing it and running off like a rugby player!  We just laughed at his efforts.


The swedes were a huge success.  Everyone was very happy to eat and play with them.

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