Floss has a Riding Lesson

While I have been away south, Floss has been reacquainting herself with riding.  Before, Flossie had only been learning to ride her Icelandic horse, Klængur, during university holidays.

Today Bjørn Roar Larsen, our Level 3 FEIF trainer, gave Flossie and Klængur a superb riding lesson.

These past few weeks while I was away South, Daisy had been left with strict instructions to help and teach Flossie.  We could all see a huge difference and improvement in both horse and rider.  Lovely to see.  Also, we had a visitor, Simone from Switzerland, who gave Floss and Klængur yesterday a brilliant lesson.  All instruction is good instruction and very, very helpful.

Flossie is feeling inspired after watching Daisy competing in the British Championships last month.

Flossie has only been riding for two years (I never insisted she learned and, instead, have waited for her to ask for lessons) and I gave her Klængur as her twenty-first birthday present.

Klængur was my horse, that I bought from Iceland, but he works a hundred times better with Floss than he ever does with me.

They understand each other and are very much a happy team.

Meanwhile, for those that are wondering, Lambie has found his “Winning Smile” due to the fact that he has also found out about Kitkats – a chocolate-covered wafer bar confection – thank you very much, Daisy!

It is now downhill all the way!

7 thoughts on “Floss has a Riding Lesson

  1. Sam

    Congrats to Flossie on learning to ride.
    Congrats to Mum who did not push her daughter, only gently nudged.
    And Congrats to Lambie for learning about my sister’s favorite candy bar!
    If we ever make it across The Pond, we shall bring some for him.

  2. Nancy

    Nice to see Floss enjoying riding lessons!
    I think lessons should be enjoyable. I learned that after many years of getting yelled at in lessons and almost going home in tears! No more of that now that I realize I am paying for feeling this way! ha ha!

    Please be careful about feeding chocolate to Lambie. I’m not sure about sheep, but I know that chocolate is toxic to cats and dogs and possibly cute sheepies, too!

    1. Frances Post author

      You are completely right, though I do know of a pet sheep who lived to a ripe old age eating Kitkats. But I will of course ration the Kitkattery to just birthdays and maybe Christmas. x

  3. diane in northern wisconsin

    What superb riding lessons for your Flossie and her beautiful horse. And so glad to hear that Lambie is excited about kitkats! I am too! What a very sweet lamb!!!

  4. Louise Stopford

    Flossie looks to be doing very well indeed with her riding lessons. It looks like she has been doing it a lot longer than 2 years. What a fabulous 21st birthday present – Klaengur. BTW how do you pronounce his name and what does it mean? I started riding as a fairly young child and it was my absolute dream to own a pony of my own. Had to wait years until I started working to be able to buy my pony. Unfortunately had to sell him when I got married .. but at least I did achieved my dream. Lambie is so sweet, so glad he has got over his “torture” and is again enjoying life (and being spoilt).

    1. Frances Post author


      Floss is doing briliantly and thank you for your kind comments. I had my first horse when I was 35!

      1. Amy Fynn

        I am so glad that is how it is pronounced as that is what it is in my head. Phew! They make a lovely pairing.


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