Flop Bot and Baldy Wu

Wu has bald bits.


I noticed them yesterday when I found clumps of fur lying about.


So I took my life in my own hands and decided to comb him.  More fell out with follicles attached so I stopped combing and de-flea-ed him instead.


Today, I gave the matter some more thought and did the flea test (comb, wet tissue paper to see if the detritus turned red).  It didn’t.   So I made a vet appointment.


This is Wu’s Waiting-Room face. We went in and it was decided that Wu had been in a fight.  He weighed in at over 5 kg (I conveniently forget) and somewhere out there is a dead tiger.


As we were going to the vet anyway, I bunged Lambie (Pongo just doesn’t not suit him as a name) into another cat travel box.


Lambie was examined thoroughly.  He had gone off his legs this morning and I had spent all day worrying about him, trying to keep him warm, fed and comfortable.


(and perhaps getting more and more attached).


Lambie was given an antibiotic injection, some Vitamin C and I was told to get him walking.   He may have meningitis or joint ill but either way I need all your fingers crossed.  Staff Nurse BeAnne, who has decided she is not hungry, is offering support.


Still don’t trust her, though!



4 thoughts on “Flop Bot and Baldy Wu

  1. Cate

    Oh he is such a tiny wee lambie. Healing thoughts and strengthening prayers that with your special brand of TLC he will soon be gambolling like a lambie should.

  2. Terri

    Oh, now I get it, “Tricky Wu”! (hahahaha) — for all of us James Herriot lovers.
    You are giving Lambie (so glad you changed his name) all the TLC anyone possibly could, and he can’t help but know he is loved. If he has an infection, it isn’t surprising, considering the filth of his mum due to her condition. Now all we can do is wait. I say “we” because if I were there, I’d come help you. xoxo

  3. Linda

    Ah well, since Wu is still alive we’ll just assume the other one got away much (much) worse…

    Good thought directed toward Lambie (I like that name better, too). And what a PERFECT little bed he’s got!


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