“Flink” is Norwegian for good.  I know a few other words but that is the main one I hear from Taktur’s Norwegian trainer, Bjørn.  He is very pleased with my 4 year old stallion, Taktur frå Velli II – IS2009180242.  Not one to boast, but this horse is only 4 years old and superb.


I have learned my lesson from yesterday’s excursion and, apart from this morning, where I caught Taktur and led him into the school, watched his training, gave him his food and put him back, I have spent the rest of the day in bed.  Now some of you might think that just catching and leading a 4 yo stallion is not a good idea.  But Taktur is different.  I lead him with a loose rope and if he wanted to bugger off, he could and never has.  He just follows me everywhere, standing patiently, never moving without my say-so.


(I have cut off Bjørn’s head off on purpose for not wearing a hat – he knows better.  My kids will tell you that if I have one thing, apart from trotting downhill, wet cotton wool on the side of a basin or bath, liars and the word “moist”, it is folk who ride without a riding hat – that just shows how rotten I was feeling this morning that I didn’t even notice or say anything.)


Amina, Bjørn’s gorgeous German Shepherd Dog, was a good girl.  She waited politely and is the nicest GSD that I know.  Her behaviour is exemplary and she only needs telling once to go and lie down out of the way while Taktur is being trained (even BeAnne has begun to like her which is a huge complement after recent form).


My rest so far consists of watching Star Trek V (not the best imho), Herbie (the one with Lindsay Lohan as she went off the rails for her “un-Disney-like behaviour) and now Great St Trinians Train Robbery.  I am holding out for Eurovision later on this evening – and yes, I love Eurovision and I won’t hear a word against it.


The best bit of my afternoon has to be a Skype call (if brief) from The Old Georgians of 1981 who had just had a rousing lunch at our school, St George’s Ascot.  It was lovely to see some familiar faces and everyone looked fabulous,  just like we did when we were 18.  I wish I had been there. I had my air tickets booked back in November but had to cancel due to obvious spinal reasons.  I was there in spirit.


You see, I is dead posh really! 

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  1. Jane Jones

    Wow all this time I have known you I never realised you were a fellow old girl. My mum and my sister both did there full time there I only did 1 year. My mum did a lot with the old girls for years and my sister I believe still does. I think Lizzie was after you but does the name Strangman mean anything to you?


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