Fivla Update

I was asked how Fivla was doing these days.

Here she is today, in the snow, which was really joined-up hailstones that came in fierce sporadic flurries.

As you can see, Fivla is looking a bit more svelte.  Winter has done what winter is supposed to do – make fat little ponies lose weight!

Here she is just over a year ago (November 2016)

And here she is in her heyday!

I have it on good authority that Fivla’s weight is now “spot on” for the time of year.  Her neck crest has gone and I think (read hope) that she will be easier to manage, health-wise.

So, for the moment, all dieting is off (look at her happy face when I told her!)

It has been a bit of a long-haul, but Fivla has got her trimmer figure back.  She always was bit “broad in the beam” but I am not worried for her health now.  The winter fur does not help her new trim look, but you can feel bones under all that hair and not pads of fat.

As for the others in the herd, they are all fine.  Doing well.

Tiddles’ eye goop is all cleared up.  I haven’t seen them looking that clean for ages.

Vitamin is the boss of everyone and decides where they travel around their field.

Storm is happy annoying everyone and Waffle lets him.

Silver is always a little distant unless I sit down for a minute and then he comes up to chat.

So there we are.  Everyone is looking well and life is good.

That’s all anyone can ask for.

6 thoughts on “Fivla Update

  1. Linda

    Such good news – everyone is bright-eyed (Tiddles) and healthy! And good work, Fivla – I bet you’re feeling better these days…

  2. Wendy from NY

    I have always wondered how you knew when Silver first came to you and you named him, that he was going to be silver and not black. He was black back then, but you named him Silver, how did you know?

    1. Frances Post author

      The original Minions – Silver, Waffle and Storm – all came with registered names and passports. The lady who bred Silver (Northharrier Stud on Foula) named Silver knowing he would one day, like Fivla (no relation) turn white or grey as it is called. Silver’s sire is grey/totally white so Silver it is.

      Tiddles’ real name is Stardust but when he arrived he was instantly Tiddles as no one could remember Stardust and it didn’t suit him.

      Albie was Brisk – but we managed to change it before he was registered by his breeder to Albie as he started life with us as a Little B!

      Newt is really Viking – pahahahahaha! He will always be Newt to us. Viking he ain’t.


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