Fivla and Silver

I was playing around this morning with my big camera.

We have all been noticing that Silver looks remarkably like Fivla.  Some days, you could almost mistake him for her.

I think it is the shape of his head and his eyes.  Definitely the eyes.

I can’t do a “Compare and Contrast” because Fivla was not being particularly helpful today.  The grass has appeared so head down and eat!

Anyway, I found this old photo of Fivla…..

And here is one of Silver from today. Sometimes I have to do a double-take.

I was always told Silver would eventually turn white (grey in horsey terms) and every year, his coat has more white in it.

A little known fact, Fivla was completely black when we got her at 6 months old.  This is her a few years on with her owner, Flossie (who will now probably kill me for showing this photo!) Possibly 1999. Fivla was 3. Her owner was 4 (awwww!)

It will be fascinating to see just how white Silver will go over the years. His Dad, Zeal of Houlland, did the same thing, I am told.

I love white (ok, grey) ponies. They are from fairy-tales, obviously.



3 thoughts on “Fivla and Silver

  1. carol

    You make my day….waiting anxiously to see and hear what happens on your fairy land. The care
    you all give is outstanding….I am to old now to ranch or farm….this gives me daily warmfuzzys…
    and…..I could use that magenet treatment too….what a wonderful choice thing to do…..hugs to you.

  2. Linda

    Beautiful photos, and I’m completely with you on the white ponies (or heck, almost any white animal) is from Fairy Tale Land…


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