First Shetland Bebbie!

Bergli Stud, my neighbour, have had their first foal.  Of course, I had to go over with my camera.  Just try and stop me.


There, behind the wall, was a miniature skewbald filly foal called “Tilly”.

Sire: Tibru of Berry
Dam: Kutie of Houlland

So some very old Shetland pony breedlines there and very a nice combination too.


Tilly was born this morning.  She was expected but not quite today – a little early but a wonderful surprise, none the less.


Floss and I went to visit Tilly and Kutie and quickly fell in love.


Now, Floss and I need to work on some distraction techniques so we can steal Tilly away.


She has already started tölting so will quickly fit in with my herd.

BN2A0174 BN2A0187

No one will even know she is with us (she already tölts better than some Icelandic horses I know).


Anyway, Tilly is heaven with whiskers.


We luff the whiskers and the expressive eyes.


When I see any young animal stretch out, I always say to myself “stretch and grow, stretch and grow”.


Anyway, welcome to the world, Bergli Tilly.  You are divine and very special.


5 thoughts on “First Shetland Bebbie!

  1. Sam

    What a adorable girl!! As for distractions – send over the Bosenberries, BeAnne and the Minions. Bergli Stud will never know what happened until you have the Bebbe and Mom. After all, possession is 9/10’s of the law!


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