The Professional(s)

Anni Stonebridge, saddle fitter, was up in Shetland and had been booked, by her owner, to come to see Esja.


I just stood on the edge, watching and taking photos.


The Boysenberries were also present, offering their support as well as their unique type of expertise (just in case, because you never know when you will need two sheep while you fit a saddle and no, I do not mean sheepskin lined saddlecloths – that would be morally wrong!)


Anywho, there was much expertise going on and we all watched.


Tt resulted in Anni saying that Klængur’s Black Country Frelsi was the best saddle for Esja, at this moment in time.  Esja is young and she may change shape as she develops and is ridden.


Esja agreed with everything Anni said, taking a interest in the whole saddle-fitting process.


Ster just looked on, just checking everything was going right…..


….. while Lambie mentally added his two penn’orth (two pence worth).   He knows these things – ever the expert.


Anni gave Esja and her owner a brief riding lesson – Esja is going very nicely with her new owner.  They have a good relationship and it is lovely to watch this grow.


2 thoughts on “The Professional(s)

  1. Sam

    Nice to know you can still keep an eye on Esja. And that the Bozenberries are still hard at work “supervising”.


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