First Cousin Once Removed

Today I met for the first time my first cousin once removed!  The divine Olivia.

And her mother, my cousin and god-daughter.

I haven’t seen them for ages, years even and we all spent a lovely afternoon together.  Such a sweet and good little person. I adored her.


All except for a certain Ted who behaved appallingly. He was dreadful and had to stay on a lead all the time.

When Mum rescued Ted 3 years ago, she was told that he had been thrown out of two homes already, and she has noticed that he gets very agitated when he hears a baby on the tv so we took no risks.  We think he has previous form.

When we went for a walk in the garden, Floss was in charge of Ted.

It was a lovely afternoon. My family is very small so a new cousin is most welcome.

5 thoughts on “First Cousin Once Removed

  1. Sam

    What cutie!!!! How nice to have a little one to cuddle. Ah, Little Miss Maine Coon says to Teddy “I feel your pain. Dopey hoomans can’t speak cat/dog to know the horrors we faced before finding them.” For her, it is dogs and plastic bags…After 11 years, she no longer cringes if I bend down to pet her.

  2. diane in northern wis

    What a fun day for all of you! Isn’t the baby cute and I love her red hair! I enjoyed all your great pics too, Frances. What a great visit you’re having there!!!

  3. Jayne

    How lovely to have such smiley family to meet up with

    Poor Ted, who knows what he experienced before your Mum gave him the home he deserves.


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