An Afternoon Out

It was a stay-at-home day (tis the weather and the time of year).

Today, however, I was fed-up of being Meals-on-Wheels.

(a quick recap so you can feel my pain)

That would be:-
Haakon (maintain weight plus anti-stiffness potion)
Iacs (token gesture of food)
Klaengur (same as Iacs – doesn’t need anything but would complain)
Taktur (maintaining stallion weight – never looked so good)
Efstur (maintain precious weight – looking very nice)
Dreki (a little for development)
Kappi (deserves nothing but gets a smidgen even though he looks like a Suffolk Punch)
Hetja (now on extra as losing weight quickly due to winter vileness while nursing her foal)
Lilja (same as Dreki)
Sóley-the-foalie (foalie minerals/vitamins and development)
Brá (hair-loss and bites)

All have different dietary needs, all carefully considered and thought out. It is never-ending.

And ….. The Minions get a piece of carrot and a hug! I love them most because they are nice and easy.

So, I went for a walk.

I have missed my usual amble along the road with my woolly and furry friends.

It was very nice, if blowy and almost dry.

But we didn’t care.  Sheeple and doglet (+ I) went along very happily.

BeAnne, who is now eating TurmerEase, did not once take a bad step, which she has recently been inclined to do.

She was positively enthusiastic at the thought of going too.

I had some work to do in my shed and Lambie offered to come in too.

He sat at my feet while I worked.  BeAnne was (on far right) in her bed.

It was a lovely walk. Afterwards Lambie and I had Quiet Time together.  A special Muzzah Lambie moment.

6 thoughts on “An Afternoon Out

  1. Margaret Robinson

    And now I have almost the entire family (well, animal part) here. Perhaps I need a Monster and a BeAnne too.

  2. Linda Kirk

    Lambie has an interesting coat. Nothing that a pair of straighteners couldn’t fix though. As long as it’s keeping him warm!

    Beautiful picture of your little Prince. It looks like an oil painting.


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