Off we go again

A mercy dash to Lerwick this morning – there was a single sad little sheep on his own in the field.  So I came to his aid and brought him five more to keep him company.  So that is nine sheep sold in 3 days.  Brilliant but I can’t keep up!

I was told that there are four cruise ships in tomorrow.  Everyone will be very busy then.

Meanwhile, back at home, it is all systems go.  Hetja may foal tonight.  These were this afternoon’s bewbs.

So foal watch starts tonight.

We will stay up all night, watching and waiting.  The van has been put in position. It makes an excellent place to live with full view of the almost the whole field.

Please cross everything for a smooth and healthy foaling.

We know Hetja can do it (we have evidence – Hjalti and Lilja) but we also know it can all go horribly wrong.

So prayers, thoughts, incantations and invocations please.  Whatever it takes.

6 thoughts on “Off we go again

  1. Simone

    Happy for your sheeply success! Wonderful news! Also, fingers, toes, and white paws crossed for a smooth appearance of the new foal. xx

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Sending out best, but waiting to cross fingers and toes until after this is sent! Everything will be done in love, she’s surrounding be the best of people, and good friends! Love takes less time to send than emails, so our love as probably already arrived.!


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