Feeling Sorry

Like me, Fivla, and Vitamin seem to have been on a diet all of their lives.  I have this t-shirt.

And I feel very sorry for them.  It is grotty living off nothing for endless months.  Really very boring.

So, while Albie was coming round from his castration anaesthetic, I asked our visiting vet to look at Vitamin and Fivla for me to assess their weight and general health.

The vet initially said they were fat but, after a good prod, she announced she could feel ribs and that the old ladies were looking good.  Since September, when Fivla came home to us, she has lost a great deal of weight but like most old ladies her belly has dropped and looks can be misleading. Her hard neck crest has gone too.

Looking back at the photos even I can see a huge difference.

So, today, Daisy and I drove the old ladies to a new field where they joined Lyra and Delia who were on their own and very lonely.

Everyone was pleased to be reunited – these ladies lived together for some time in last winter/spring.

And I think, in retrospect, it will do all of them good to be together.

Yes, it is four miles down the road but we visit them daily and, although a big field, there really are more buttercups than grass.

It is all very well being on a permanent diet but when I can see them all missing each other, then the bigger picture has to be looked at.

Delia is doing very well this summer and she, as usual, has her reprieve from being put to sleep. It is only in winter she struggles with her arthritic stiffness.  In summer you would never know.

So, we will continue to keep a good eye on the girls. They need to all be together now.  This is a huge field but they will all have to look for the grass,

5 thoughts on “Feeling Sorry

  1. Sam

    Sometimes we forget to look at the whole expansive picture with our animals. Good for you for doing so. The girls look like they are having a good natter.

  2. Terri

    Totally agree about the bigger picture. Good call. They look so happy to be reunited! Love the “nice to see you again” photos!

  3. Linda

    BRAVO on bringing the ladies together – from your photos they really missed each other. (And who among us “older” women doesn’t have a bit of a stomach drop?)
    They look wonderful together…


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