Feeling Sorry for Himself

Haakon is feeling very sorry for himself and I hate seeing him like that – all down and miserable – so we went for a walk together to look for thistles.

You can see from the picture where he was bitten – it is all lumpy.

Anyway, Haakon has always loved thistles and I hoped a nice walk would cheer him up a bit.

It was a slow going – Floss brought BeAnne along too and she was not helpful and absolutely determined to walk under Haakon’s every hoof!  Mostly she was on a lead to try and keep her safe.  It would’ve been a total accident if he had trodden on her – he tries to avoid that sort of thing if he can and is very responsible but it seemed that BeAnne was on a mission.

We stopped when Haakon wanted to stop.

He looked at the neighbours’ horses who were shouting at him (he’s still handsome, even from a distance!)

And he carefully chose his thistles…..

…. sometimes stopping to dig them out or to eat the flower heads.

He was allowed to stop for grass too – it was his walk, after all.

As we went slowly along, Haakon did visibly cheer up and that was good. It was what we wanted.

This is Haakon’s thistle face – sort of “ow, ow, ow but I love them!”

Like when I eat a chilli or a pickled onion.

I didn’t really need to lead my old friend.  He just walked companionably along side.

Iacs was desperate to come too but we couldn’t leave Klængur on his own as he would mind.

Maybe next time.

6 thoughts on “Feeling Sorry for Himself

  1. Linda Kirk

    I’m so glad the walk cheered him up. But I can’t imagine what pleasure he gets out of eating thistles!!
    And Haakon is beyond handsome. I’ve always thought of him, and Iacs. as Viking warriors’ horses, noble and brave – slightly fanciful, I know.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Aww I love your Haakon…..hate seeing those bites on him. I hope they will heal up quickly and aren’t painful for him. How nice of you and Floss to take him for a walk. But eating thistles? Yikes…..I can’t imagine….the thorns are so sharp! You have such a good heart for your critters. It’s wonderful to see the pics and hear your stories. Thank you for sharing.


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