Feeding Time at the Zoo

Just some photos and film from today.

Floss and I had put out 20 piles of hay for the Minions to find.

Fivla with one of her many piles of hay. She is doing very well this winter.  All the summer weight she puts on has its uses.  She is looking nice and trim now.

Waffle was making silly faces.

Storm was walking through every pile to decide which one he favoured most. Some might call it annoying.

I was running out of batteries on my phone but I managed to take these little films.

Newt was on a mission and was not to be distracted from his small hairy yak-ness!

Storm was walking through everyone’s hay.  He thought I had something better to offer but he had already had his carrot ration.  He knew this but he is an optimist!

Vitamin’s muzzle is just the best.  She, too, thought there was food.  If you listen to the soundtrack (only film with one), I was telling her to get back to eating and that I had nothing.  Silly girl.

Back at home, and phone duly charged, I took Her Maj out for her post-lunch potter.  The afternoon sky was spectacular.

There is the occasional threat of more snow – it usually comes to nothing but looks pretty dramatic.

Haakon popped up!

And then the Old Men followed me down the hill looking hopeful.  Stuff those Pelaton adverts on the telly (lunchtime watching) – lugging water and haynets twice a day is all the workout anyone needs.  Suffice it to say, we all sleep well at night from lugging food and water to everyone.

Like I said, the sky was dramatic but incredibly beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Feeding Time at the Zoo

  1. Robyn

    Just love the sky photos Frances. Have two minions of my own down here in Northumberland, mini (Bobble, very Newt like in naughtyness lol, and grey standard Percy). When your minions look wet and muddy it always makes me feel better about mine who are mud obsessed too!lol. Your blog is my treat to read when i come in off our smallholding having done the afternoon rounds of haynets and water – you are not alone! The rural gym, nothing better.


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