My Water Worry

The pipes are frozen and every morning there is more and more ice, so we jump up and down on troughs and streams to break through.  Today we lugged water to every field that didn’t have a free-flowing burn (stream) close by.  I worry about water (amongst all the other things I worry about like colic, not getting enough fibre, choke, colic again, etc – my list is endless).

Some are more grateful than others.  Haakon et al looked at me as if I was offering them poison.  Edna, of course, is always grateful for anything. She has obviously been well brought up.

Even so, everyone is doing well in the snow – probably because we offer field-service 24/7 in this establishment (room service but in a field).

Their extra hairy coats keep them all warm and insulated….

….. and, surprisingly, very dry.  Any water just drips off the tips of the fur leaving a dry coat underneath.

I am trying very hard not to rug Haakon up.  He is doing fine without one.



In the afternoon, I take Her Maj for her walk

and then go into my shed with BeAnne and make sheep.

…. with an occasional, if smelly, Lambie.




4 thoughts on “My Water Worry

  1. Sam

    Frozen pipes are scarey. We have an arctic blast in New England (-1F wind chill today), so I understand that fear. But then the joy of BeAnne bouncing along the snow changes one’s attitude. Enjoy to solace of sheep making, I will enjoy my cross stitch tonight unless Little Miss Maine Coon wants a snuggle.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Thank you for keeping up on the water situation and breaking open those streams and keeping the buckets full. I shiver when I look at the horses outside with the snow on them, but it sounds like they’re keeping warm so I’m glad of that. Love that video of BeAnne running….what a cutie.


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