Fat Fighters Field

Today, there were two more additions to the Fat Fighters Field.


Haakon and Kappi.


Yes, I know, but they had to go as they are fatty, fat, fat.


Having said that, seeing Iacs with Kappi and Haakon, I feel that actually these two boys weren’t looking too bad!  Iacs is still fatter than his cousin, Haakon! (just sayin’, Daisy)


Of course, Klængur looks fabulous.  This is thin for him!


Meanwhile, the two Minions are doing very well in The Fat Fighters Field.

Silver, especially, has a waistline that many should be envious of (Iacs *** cough ***)


But Waffle is still a square little table that could sit 4 round for dinner, including the family silver!


I don’t know what I can do to slim Waffle down, short of putting him on concrete and feeding him nothing, which I would never do unless he had laminitis.

Maybe he is like me – he only has to look at an éclair and he puts on weight!

3 thoughts on “Fat Fighters Field

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I’d love to send my little one up to the fat fighters’ field! He’s like a little barrage balloon and sadly, is going to be spending too much time in his stable until we can get rid of some of the grass. It’s not altogether bad as it’ll give me time to remind him of his manners!


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