Together Again

I have been feeling bad about leaving Waffle and Silver out in the Fat Fighters Field.  Silver is a lovely shape now, if a tad bum-high, and Waffle has certainly lost some weight (yes, I have changed my mind since yesterday).


So I caught just the little boys and took them up to the field where I had moved the others to.

My theory is that they will all play together and muscle will replace any flab.


There was instant pile of ponies.


Everyone was very pleased to see each other.


The Minions are seldom split up and it is not something I like to do so it is nice to see them back together.


Even Delia came over to say hello (or something like “get out of my way, stop eating all my grass and never bother me”.)


She almost liked the Minions last winter so no one is new.


Lyra was intrigued by the new arrivals.  I don’t think she has ever met Silver and Waffle.


She was quite hopeful that young Waffle might be a potential Handsome Prince.


I fear she will be sadly disappointed but she is at that age when she fancies “anything in trousers!”


At the end of the day, even if Lyra hasn’t bagged herself a bloke, she still has a nice little herd to boss around and all the little boys think she is beautiful.


Silver and Waffle quickly realised their lives had changed for the better again and started stuffing their faces.


Hjalti was thrilled to see his best playmates back.


There will be lots of games and hopefully some calories burned.


3 thoughts on “Together Again

  1. robin

    i can hear the giggling all the way in California! and statements like WATCH THIS! which is usually a precursor to some prank!

  2. Terri

    I continue to be amazed by herd dynamics and the “friendships” that develop between horses/ponies. Nice to see them reunite with old playmates.

  3. Sam

    Yes, bring on the giggling! And now with Lyra in the mix, no telling what kind of mischief this group will get into. Good luck there, Frances!


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