Out With His Mares

Most odd.

This morning I was pottering about outside when I saw Hetja leave Brá and Efstur, canter under the fence (rather than go through an open gate), and start shouting at Taktur.  He was in a field across the hill with Haakon and Kappi.


Recently, I had been thinking of putting Taktur out with his mares soon but had seen/smelled no evidence.

Armed with a lunge line, headcollar and dressage whip (insurance in case of bad behaviour, which of course I didn’t need), I went over to Taktur’s field to catch him.

Taktur put his headcollar on (well, he would’ve if he could’ve) and I led him over to the mares’ field. He, of course, behaved perfectly while I lectured him on the way over that “no” means “NO!”

Hetja was surprisingly very happy to see her Handsome Prince.  Two years ago she barely tolerated his existence.


Handsome Prince was very happy to see Hetja.


Brá and Efstur came up to see who the newbie was and Brá quickly made her feelings very clear to Taktur’s suggestions.


And so they quickly cantered off again.


There was one mis-fire (those poor sheep in the background are now busy bleaching their eyeballs from what they have witnessed today).


Then Taktur quickly remembered which bit went where.  He was far better behaved (ie less annoying) than last time.


It has been a day of pornographic squealing.  Hetja is clever. She always puts herself between Brá, Efstur and Taktur and both mares protect Efstur no matter what.


Again, this is nature at its’ purest.  The mares have it all under control.

Good call, Hetja.

1 thought on “Out With His Mares

  1. Linda

    Interesting “reunion”… 😉

    And yes, no surprise the mares have everything under control, especially when their children are involved!


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