Farrier in the Rain

I am sitting at my desk, the fire is roaring and I have a hot-water bottle wedged into my back.  I am feeling damp, and cold to my bones.

In filthy weather, Daisy and I spent the first part of our morning, shoving the horses into the stable to eat hay, wait patiently and dry off a bit, (then our first change of clothes) while we went over to the Minion field to meet our farrier, Stephen.

The rain was horizontal and the wind unforgiving but Stephen duly trimmed Lilja first (who could’ve been a bit more helpful)….

And then Sóley (who was an absolute angel).

There was more unwanted assistance from Lilja.

And I fended off potential Minion participation.  Oh Storm would’ve liked to help.  He had great plans.

Afterwards, a quick drive home and out from the stable with Taktur to be shod (meanwhile our 2nd change of clothes).

My phone ran out of battery at this stage but Klængur was also shod, Kappi had his shoes removed (he is now officially on his holibobs), Efstur and Dreki were trimmed (mostly helpful) while Iacs and Haakon were checked (all looking good there).

Five hours on and I still feel damp and I’ve run out of dry clothes. They are all festooned around the kitchen drying.


5 thoughts on “Farrier in the Rain

  1. diane in northern wis

    Wow what a huge job to be done. Glad you got everybody taken care of….well,. most everybody for now. Hope you get over your chill soon. You and Daisy are the best!


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