Getting Ready for Winter

On Wednesday, we went to town and bought some hay.  Not a huge amount. Just in case.  You never know.  This is our first hay of the season, so first Daisy cleared and cleaned the area we always store it in.

We went backwards and forwards with wheelbarrows moving the bales from the van to the stable.

Her Mooch was around, getting under wheel and foot.  It’s currently her special skill.  Death by wheelbarrow.

Once stacked, we covered the hay with old duvet covers and/or dust-sheets as there are birds in the stable and I like to keep the hay as clean as possible.  Note our art installation of binder twine!  That’s at least two year’s worth.

More cleaning because we were now on a roll.

Madame Mooch outside looking resentful at not achieving death-by-wheelbarrow.

The hay won’t be used until the grass has almost gone.  If we can hold out until January that would be good.

Despite what others might tell us!

Iacs is ever the optimist.

Everyone is always claiming starvation.

They don’t give up but we don’t believe them.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Winter

  1. Sam

    Looks like BeAnne is hoping to make a workman’s comp claim against the wheelbarrow….or the driver.
    As for the hopeful ones – is it food or your attention they strive for?


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