Fair Shares

Yesterday, Floss declared that she was missing the Minions so came along for the ride clutching a bag of carrots.  Of course she was instantly Miss Popular.

Therefore, I used the opportunity to use my big camera.

Usually I am the one dishing out carrots while at the same time fending off Albie (he always says he has not had his share – such a liar) and I just can’t take photos as well.  I don’t have enough hands.

Newt was on very special form.  He has seen the error of his ways and the bouncy bottom is no more – or so he says.

Despite this lot standing away from the desperately starving, Flossie went around and gave everyone their fair share.

The wind was howling, but still stand-uppable in.  However, today has been fierce and dangerous so, apart from brief checking (thank you to my friends – you know who you are and I appreciate your help), no one got much. It really has not been safe to go outside.

This morning BeAnne vanished so I went outside shouting her name and found the “Wee Dug” howling to herself cowering behind a shed in the garden.  Now she only goes out on a lead. Having said that, she managed to squoze herself, with absolutely no one noticing, through the cat-flap to follow us when we were putting Haakon and Iacs back in their stable for the night (*** sigh ***)

Anyway, please enjoy the photos.


It was nice to have two spare hands.

And then Newt followed us home.

Anyway, it has been a good day to do the diaries – I have started on 1896 now. Kate and Alys are learning to ride bicycles – ooh, the excitement! – The Diaries of Aunt Kate

5 thoughts on “Fair Shares

  1. Sam

    Albie must still think he was deprived as a wee one and must have extra carrots to atone for that. Nice to see Newt & The Minions. Sorry BeAnne thought going out in that weather was a smart choice. How is Monster?

    1. Frances Post author

      Monster has his cat flu back. He is not brilliant and if still bad tomorrow, OH (who he loves, worships and adores) can take him to the vet to be told he has cat flu, there is nothing they can do and it is a viral infection. He has it. It appears, it goes away, it comes back. That will be his life, I think.


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