Fed Up

We are all very fed up of this terrible weather now.

We long for our freedom again – ie to go outside safely and, if possible, to stay dry too.  My kitchen is festooned with our waterproofs trying to dry.

Today, we managed to get the Icelandic boys up into the stable (they stayed in their field yesterday and refused to be fed) and they had a morning of rugs off, peace and quiet and unlimited hay. Then dry rugs back on and into their field. Meanwhile, Haakon and Iacs amused themselves around the house rattling the front door knob when they wanted treats.

I managed to drive around and dish out carrots (very quickly, though) to those that live outwith my croft.

I felt bad as I would’ve loved to have spent more time with the little ones.

I also noticed on my travels that one of Sóley-the-Foalie’s eyes was streaming but there was nothing I could do. Tomorrow, Floss and I will go with a headcollar and try to catch her, examine it, clean it up and put antibacterial eye-drops in.  There is absolutely no point trying this in a Force 11 gale.  Apparently the weather will calm down tomorrow.  I am fed up to the back teeth of this to be honest.

On my way home, I went to see what the waves were doing at Dale Beach.

The whole car shook with the full force of the wind so I didn’t stay long.

I was also covered in sea spray even from this distance.

Still, it looks fairly impressive.

4 thoughts on “Fed Up

  1. Sam

    Sorry The Norse Gods of wind seem to like Shetland. Here in New England, we are bouncing between 50f and rain to 2″ of snow last night and a high of 38f.

  2. Gail Lawson

    Love your babes and your care of them . . . and the video of the sea is awesome–angry and unforgiving. Hoping for better weather for you all tomorrow.


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