Everyone Moved

Today was a huge effort.  We moved everyone everywhere – well, it felt like it anyway.

First up were Lilja and Sóley who moved back in with their mother, Hetja and Brá, as well as another Icelandic mare and two tiny Shetland geldings.  They live over the road from us, at my neighbours’.

That is Brá in the background.  Hetja was furious about her daughters returning and is refusing to have anything to do with them.  Hopefully she will get over herself.

Lilja and Sóley are here for the summer to learn their herd manners and go back down to the bottom of the heap. Lilja was getting very up herself with the Minions.  Lilja will also start her training with Daisy and myself.

Then the Minions all went over to their summer field.  They went in 3 loads – with the help of our very kind neighbours (the ones with Hetja, etc) who offered their horsevan and selves and spare headcollars.  It cut down on a lot of driving and time too.  We each took 3 ponies and then went back for Fivla and Vitamin who had been left with a bucket of food to keep them going.

Then we took our neighbour’s gelding home so he could have some fun time with our lot.  We started him off, while we were moving everyone else, in the same field as Dreki and Efstur.  When we came home, we added Taktur, our stallion, and Kappi.

Yes, there was some loud screaming but they pretty soon settled.

Taktur is thrilled to have a new “friend” and the other three are being allowed to join in slowly.  It is all a matter of horse politics. We check on them all regularly and watch the relationships develop and statuses change.

Her Maj was thrilled when we came home.  Bouncy-bounce!

8 thoughts on “Everyone Moved

  1. NancyMac

    Love the colour of the low rolling hills. Is the green building in the background a house or a business and is the house to the right one house or several semis? Farms over here vary so much in size and type. Just curious from Canada.

    1. Frances Post author

      not sure which photo you are referring to. They are all houses or sheds to go with the croft (farm). No businesses.

  2. Cathy

    Lovely to see HerMaj with a spring ( bounce? ) in her step! Some nice summer weather if we ever get it will be good for her too.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh my gosh, what a darling picture of BeAnne! I think you should frame it! Trying to get used to where you’ve moved everybody now….well, as long as you’ve got it straight….that’s the important thing!

  4. Sam

    I bet the youngish girls are not thrilled with being in the same field as the Matrons. But that photo of BeAnne bouncing!!!!!!


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