So Cold

It is still very cold.  We had a brief moment when we all thought, sheep included, that Spring had arrived but no, Spring departed and we are back to a cruel north wind and some harsh rain.

Recently Harry has been looking “hunchy” and I spoke to my postie (a sheep expert) and was advised that he looked cold.

So, with the help of food, Maggie and Harry followed me into the little paddock behind the house that was Lambie’s original shed (the one with wifi and/or radio).

Harry has spent most of today asleep.  I also gave him the lick bucket as I reckoned sugar would give him energy.

Maggie is very unimpressed at this relocation and has not stopped complaining all day.

She misses the rest of the flock, who she always studiously ignores, though I did find her sharing a rock with ‘Bert the other evening.

I spent some time sitting in the shed with Maggie who frisked me for all the Animal Crackers I had about my person.

Harry pottered inside for a while.

Maggie is mostly outside and Harry is eating and drinking but he has spent most of his day asleep, using the shed as shelter from this miserable wind.

This is the view from my desk window.

The forecast tonight is rain, so I am glad Harry will have shelter.  I am almost considering getting him a wee coat or making one using BeAnne’s tankini as a pattern.

Meanwhile, Maggie is furious and glares balefully through the window while she chews her cud at me!

Tough, Maggie, look after your son.  Harry comes first.

5 thoughts on “So Cold

  1. Kate Woolley

    A little coat would be good. I noticed here in Gloucestershire some farmers have put coats on the small lambs due to this cold rain , which is quite heavy at times. Your rain must be even colder than down here. He is a dear little chap and is obviously finding it a bit grim.

  2. diane in northern wis

    I’m so sorry to hear that the weather has gotten so cold again. I’m so glad you’ve put Harry and Maggie into a shed for some shelter, even though she’s not happy about it. Hopefully your weather will turn back into Spring soon! Take care!

  3. Edith Thom

    Hey I know I am probably telling ‘my granny to suck eggs’ here but have you checked that Maggie has milk. Might just be that she had enough for his first few days but not enough to sustain him.

    1. Frances Post author

      she has a huge udder. He is not lacking for food. It has just been so cold – a fierce north wind. We have snow forecast on Wednesday!


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