Everybody’s Friend

When Pepper first arrived, I could see everyone was very wary of her and even nervous. No one likes change.  And I thought to myself “they will never settle” and worried about this.

How wrong I was.

Obviously, Monster never thought that. He adores little Pepper-Pot.  But he is a bit weird.

And the older horses have always been used to having a dog around.

Pepper is an excellent vacuum cleaner.

It’s because she is a Patterdale Terrier.  They exist to vacuum.  It is why they were put on this planet.

It was the sheep I was worried about.  Lambie dearly loved his BeAnne. She was his Mum from his Day 1.

So when I see the sheep just accepting Pepper being around, I think everything will be alright.  She is always with me when I go outside.  However, Maggie is less than generous and she and Pepper play a “game” that involves butting but never too hard and to be fair Pepper loves it and taunts Maggie in return.  We have words about this and Maggie knows if she wants to stay here, she has to tow the line and try and be nice.   Pepper could get out of the way if she wanted.

I haven’t introduced Pepper to the Minions. Albie was not good with BeAnne so I would keep her away. We will see what happens when they come home this winter.

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