The Yearly Brush

Once a year I brush a horse or pony.  Today, I brushed my Minions.  I had wormed them yesterday so I was on a roll.

I can’t remember who was first up. I just brushed anyone who turned up.  Waffle turned up a lot. He adores being brushed.

And Albie.

Fivla was not enthused at the prospect of being brushed but she had to stand still and be done.

Tiddles was hard work. Firstly, for the rest of the year he does his absolute best to avoid any hint of grooming ever and hates it, so it was a head-collar job and I attacked his horrid matted forelock.

“Why, Miss Tiddles, you are beautiful!” I told him.

He agreed.

Storm was around, always ever helpful.

Silver was handsome afterwards.

Err… Newt.  Still like a small beligerent yak.

Albie followed me everywhere.

Vitamin looking her absolute best.

Everyone was made to look bouffant. Originally, I had intended to brush only four ponies but in the end, I was enjoying myself so I did the lot.

Yup, Storm still “helping”.  He had everything out.

3 thoughts on “The Yearly Brush

  1. Sam

    Beauty Parlor, Frances style is open for business. Tiddles is looking mighty fine, as is Newt, for a yak.


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