Every Evening

Every evening, after supper, I go and see the boys in their new abode.  Daisy usually joins me and we sit on an old caravan cushion on the floor in the dark.  The Minions then decide whether they want to talk to us or not.


I usually take a lantern and we each wear a head torch as there is no light in the shed.


BeAnne, of course, comes too and the ponies don’t mind her presence.  She sits on the cushion with us, of course.


The Minions love this time.  They loom out of the darkness one or two at a time to be hugged, scratched, tickled and kissed.


While the wind and rain hammer down outside, we just sit and listen to the boys munching their hay.  It is very soporific.


I enjoy doing this with the ponies.  It is when we get to understand each other better and I think they like the fact that the door is not shut and they are forgotten for hours.


I never force anyone to come over to us.  Sometimes a Minion will just wander over for a cursory hello and then wander back to his Sisyphean task of eating.


I am sure folk think I spoil my boys.  In my mind, they deserve spoiling, especially this time of year and being with them is never a chore, but a lovely way to spend some of the long winter evenings.

And yes, I do kiss each one good night!

(apologies for crap photos – done on phone in pitch dark so a rather random point and shoot method)


4 thoughts on “Every Evening

  1. Jen Breese

    I think it is wonderful you get so much joy from your minions. Everyone who has an issue with way you treat them can suck eggs. 🙂 They clearly are thriving from the minute they came into your care. A main reason, to me, to have animals is to enjoy them.

  2. Sam

    An animal is not overly loved/pampered until said animal is too fat to wander about. Given what the Minions have had to overcome – spoil away!


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