Equine Overload

Bjørn came round to ride and train Taktur.  That trot is incredible.

BN2A0714 BN2A0715

Taktur is learning to tölt and his training has to be just right. I love watching them both together and learn a great deal which, one day, if I ever get back to riding again (thank you, Mr Surgeon), I will try out on my horse.  This is one of Taktur’s first steps of tölt – work-in-progress – so proud ** sniff **


Daisy waited patiently with a “creepy neighbour” ….


…and then had a shot herself under Bjørn’s expert tutelage.


To shut me up, Daisy then had a lesson on Haakon.


I worry that being old, Haakon will start to sieze up because I am not riding him regularly.  She did very well and got so much out of him.


Haakon is not the most helpful with a new rider but I think they quickly reached an agreement of both being in the same boat as my “siblings” so understood the concept of me nagging! Being the eldest together, apparently they can “relate”. Hmmmm….


Now, if you can walk past this schnozzer without giving it a snog, I don’t believe you.  Dear little Bozz-Bozz, is guaranteed to make you smile.


Dad, PingPong, is very happy too. I think this has been his best winter. He is content and very easy to talk to.  The perfect gentleman.


So, have a flooffy bottom and a silly frilly on me.

BN2A0999 BN2A1005

Now do you see what makes me smile every day?

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