Six Dinner Sid

When the girls were small, we had a great book called Six Dinner Sid.

Amazon’s description – “Sid is a cat who is addicted to having six meals a day and glories in this lifestyle. Manipulative, persuasive and a charmer he has wrapped everybody round his little paw – each owner believes that Sid belongs to them only . . . until the day he is found out!”

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Well, we were sitting at the dinner table last night, like families do, making idle conversation (erratum: an intellectual debate) when it was discovered that Wussums had conned each and every one of us at every meal time.  We worked out he was fed ten times yesterday!

A fat lump and it is all our fault.  Not good.

Now he knows we are onto him, there is a list on the fridge and each and every time he is fed, it is written down, like when they check the ladies’ loo in supermarkets!  That’ll larn ‘im.

This afternoon we took BeAnne out for a walk and Wussums followed us. I thought he would stay off the road and go and play in my neighbour’s sheds at the end of our track but he was determined to follow us no matter what.


His dogged determination (see what I did there, geddit?!) was very evident and so we made a point of going off-road as some folk drive very fast and he wouldn’t stand a chance.  He understood this and followed us happily into the hill.


BeAnne was unimpressed with this feline company so decided to sulkily ignore him.


We went for miles, all the way to Watsness and back – that is slightly over 2 miles and Wussums plodded along happily with us, keeping up no problem.


Cattlegrids? Yer, bring em on!


You can play “Spot the BeAnne” – Daisy says she is a grassy tussock now!


It was a beautiful perfect day and we laughed while we watched out for our charges and walked in the glorious Shetland, dare I use the word Spring, sunshine.


Wussums was not keen on the streams and bogs but he did his best.


I just sent Daisy on ahead with the theory that if she sank, I wouldn’t walk there.  (I’ve seen the horse in The Neverending Story. I know what can happen – sob)


When we got home, Wussums collapsed in a heap.


BeAnne is now in therapy (again) to get over having to go on a dog walk with a flabby lying cat!


I almost prepared to forgive his scamming ways if he is happy to walk it off with us.



5 thoughts on “Six Dinner Sid

  1. Helen

    Six dinner Sid was one of our favourite books when my children were younger.

    Wussums has surely landed in paradise, what a character he is!!

  2. bigears

    he is a character, identical to our cat Sam…who won’t come on walks. he looks like he is thoroughly enjoying his new home and is a worthy successor.

    he is such a lucky cat, so much scope to burn off his flab. but good trick getting everyone to feed him – some of ours manage to get double quantities by doing the i am dying of starvation performance to me and OH.


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