Emergency cover

Hello everyone – Nick here, again, as Frances has been hit by an internet outage so is unable to post here. She has asked me to cover for her while they wait for it to return, and as you can imagine she feels like she has lost a limb as we all rely on the internet far too much these days (myself included)!

Anyway, with no new photos of horses or ponies to show you, I’d just like to quickly mention my calendar for 2014 – it’s called ‘Ísland úr lofti / Iceland from above’ and consists of 12 aerial photos of Iceland that I took on my last few visits to that amazing country. You can see the photos featured at this page on Facebook – if you want a copy for £15 just get in touch; here, on Facebook or Twitter.


Now that’s out of the way, things have been pretty mental in our house lately. My other half has decided to turn our house into a menagerie by stealth, so we currently have three guinea pigs, Archie:


Lumi and Cosmo:


Two hamsters (a Robo and a Russian Dwarf), two chickens (seen here a few months ago, before they started laying):


And our latest addition, the incorrigble Danny:


Danny arrived about a month ago from a breeder in Sheffield and is half Border Collie, half Bichon Frisé. Still a puppy, not fully house-trained, he can be trying at times, but when he’s chilling in his bed or on the stairs he’s a little angel. How looks can deceive!


(Archie is the only one who’d sit still enough for a proper photo – the rest have all been caught on iPhone camera)


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  1. 2victoriak@gmail.com

    Comment #2–I posted on Facebook I’d like the calendar, but I’m in the US. Might want two. Will confirm. You have a small but staunch fan base here in southern California.


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