Eider Duck or I dunno

Third day on the trot into town as yesterday I read my diary wrong.  So off I drove again feeling a bit silly and very wasteful of petrol too.  This time OH came too and we went to the garage to test-drive a car as well (two birds and all that).


Having got the measure of this new vehicle, I wanted to see if I could find reverse gear in a quiet and secluded place where no one would point and laugh.  We ended up next to Mr and Mrs Are-They-Eider-Ducks again and I took a few more pics.  So, are they?  Whoever they are, they were in the same place and when I am in next week, I will take my big camera for hopefully better pictures of them.  I hope they can hang around for a while as I am not going into Lerwick again.  I am not.  I am so cross with myself for reading my diary wrong.

L1040519 L1040522 L1040523

We had some time to kill before we were expected to return the car to the garage.  Having driven round the Scalloway loop to find 5th gear, we parked at our favourite spot, (just opposite Tesco where they are going to build a cafe apparently).


The light was magical and I decided to make the most of it.

L1040708 L1040621

Ok, please can you tell what are these?  They were very busy on the seashoreand we liked them.  Note-to-self, I must put my bird book in the car.  I am fed up of not knowing what anything is.  Are they Redshanks?

L1040796 L1040791 L1040739

Anywho, home again, home again.  I have had my fill of Lerwick for a while (and you have too probably).


By the way, you are always being watched in Shetland.


4 thoughts on “Eider Duck or I dunno

  1. Chris

    Pretty sure they are Eider ducks, and the little ones are Turnstones. Again I’m fairly sure that’s what they are.

  2. Cate

    Eiders for sure for the ducks, but the little ones, yes, turnstones, I think as suggested above, but in Newfoundland we call them beachy birds. 😀


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