A Photographic Day

I was offered a photographic assignment today.  A free-for-all but, who knows, my photo might be chosen.  I was happy to do the work.


So I hopped into the car and drove about the Westside looking for particular types of buildings.  That was the spec.  Buildings.


Here are a few photos from my travels today.  Obviously some are not buildings and look like suspicious Shetland hill sheep.


I found some Shetland hill ponies too.   They were happily grazing away on the scattald.

BN2A3951 BN2A3992

The scattald is open hill, or common grazing.  The Autumn colours were magnificent and it was certainly the right day to go exploring.


There was intermittent rain and some looming skies put to good effect.


L1040879     L1050026 L1050042

And, like you do, I met a fabulous dragon who was definitely supercilious.  I need to make friends with him and go back to make more photos.  I was very intrigued and scared at the same time.


I lent my camera to my friend to have a play with so she could try the lens.  She managed to take a photo of me looking rather Tibetan while I was not noticing!  An incredible feat, both looking Tibetan and having my photo taken.


Exploring Shetland on my own for the day with my cameras is my idea of bliss.  I turned the heater on full pointed at my feet and opened both front windows so I could use the car as a hide if I met anything that might run away.  I have many photos of sheep’s bottoms.


So now I am going to spend the evening going through over 1000 photos looking for the 15 that might, just might, fit the photo request.  Wish me luck.


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