Ducky Wuckies

I have been struggling to feed the ducks as certain sheep (‘Bert and ‘Ster) have discovered there is different food about and of course they want it.

So, I asked fellow sheep-owners if they had ducks and, if so, what was the best method of keeping them apart from sheep during feeding time.

And this is the answer – the ducks can come and go through the lower bars, that are wider, while sheep cannot. Happy days.

Frances: happy
Ducks = food
Boyzenberries = no duck food

After breakfast, I decided to make the ducky-wuckies a pond out of half an old mussel float.  There is water everywhere but they are not exploring yet.

I submerged it in the ditch that has grown over and built a little ramp of stones for getting on and off.

Edna came over for a drink.

And Madge supervised.

Once filled, I went and herded the ducks towards their new pond.

And they hated it, refusing to even look or give it the time of day.

They went back to sitting by their house – the favourite spot.

I tried a few more attempts at herding.

Look, look, look – I made you a pond.

They walked politely around it with one even managing to fly over it!  Why I bother.


So I gave up, went away and did something more constructive.  A little while later I crept down to see Mr Wucky in the pond!!!!

He didn’t like me watching him bathe.

But he had a lovely time and later they all had a dip, one at a time, taking it in turns and queuing politely.

Frances: happy
Ducks: got a duck pond

So now the Ducky-Wuckes are beautiful and clean.

I could watch them for hours.

They are so pretty.

The colours, the patterns.

I am feeling very pleased with myself today. I have achieved.

5 thoughts on “Ducky Wuckies

  1. Sam

    Clearly you have very shy ducks or you need to put up a fancy curtain for privacy when bathing. Love the Girl Sheeple names. And yes, the duck feathers are beautiful! Them Bozenberries must be green eyed by now.

  2. Sherry Walter

    Haha, I have a 10 year old Rouen hen, Betty, and when I give her fresh water in her little ‘pond’, (a tub for changing oil in vehicles), she’s the happiest duck around. Never fails to make me laugh.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Good for you, Frances. You came up with a fine pond for your ducks….it just took a little time for them to get used to it! You have such a good heart. I didn’t know you had named your new sheep…..I’ll have to memorize the names. Are you naming the ducks too?

  4. louise stopford

    I didn’t realise you had ducks as well Frances. They are very beautiful and I bet fascinating to watch. Your pond just took a bit of getting used to and once they got the hang of things I bet they loved it. Have you recently ‘acquired’ the ducks? Love the names for your two new sheep girls, Madge and Edna – how sweet they are.


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