The Fun Police

It was a lovely day in the late afternoon yesterday.  I had a mad thought – I wanted to brush the ponies and give the dogs a run around too.

So, obviously, Monster wanted to come as well.

Well, he follows us everywhere .

After immense pony mane and tail brushing by Flossie and I, we sat on a rock and admired our hard work and I thought Floss deserved a small rest after all I have made her do this week.

Everyone was around enjoying the scenery too.

Obviously, we had a musical accompaniment.  No need for any radio.

Pepper and Ted were having a lovely mad game of running around and trying to kill each other and I could see Monster watching them closely (look at those fat little paws).

A cat on a mission.

It was a boisterous game, with lots of rough and tumble, and both dogs were having great fun.

And so Monster walked up to where they were playing and beat them both up!  Eh?

So that was the end of the game. The Fun Police had stopped them in their tracks.

The dogs were more than a bit suprised at what had happened so we went back inside.  Floss and I both thought it was a bit mean of Monster to do this but I expect he had his reasons.

5 thoughts on “The Fun Police

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Those are as ever lovely photos and how comical to see Monster intervening in that fight. Looks like a glorious day.

  2. M. Colleen McNamara

    Monster probably thought they were fighting and didn’t want that. He wants peace in the valley.
    Cats usually don’t play that way, so it looked like a fur fight.

  3. Judith

    Monster takes his responsibilities seriously: he’s obviously on a UN peacekeeping mission (so he says).

  4. Sam

    Monster is upset at Flossie’s leaving him, so he took it out on the happy dogs. Love his pink toe beans.


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