Dry Clothes Please

It is a fact universally acknowledged, that the British are obsessed with the weather.


I make no apologies for this because today was utterly revolting and I am obsessed.  It is very wet out there (and indoors).  We have 7.65 inches of rain in just January alone.


In my first set of clothes of the morning, I filled bowls, put the horses in the field to eat and then went to feed the Minions, change rugs and put down shavings in the stalls.

By the time I came back, only Iacs was there, waiting for me.  The others had all galloped down the hill to eat, which I don’t think was very kind but they were very determined not to have a “Duvet Day”.  Some horses don’t want to live in stables.


Poor Iacs. He was very disconsolate.  I brought him inside, gave him a haynet, soaked his hoof and dry poulticed it.  Although he is now not lame, I thought he would be better off in the shed with his haynet.


I then went in and had a complete change of wardrobe.

Then huzzah, there was a brief lull in the gale from the torrential rain.


While OH was walking Loki, I grabbed Jack and took him for his sedentary wander up the track.


I was doing my best not to let Jack wander into the over-flowing stream (he is deaf and blind) and I was just thinking how lucky we were to have this brief lull in the weather, when it started pouring down again.


So that was another change of clothes.


There are pony rugs draped over chairs, a survival suit hanging from a nail in the ceiling, every chair in the kitchen has a coat dripping onto the floor.  I don’t think I have any dry clothes left now.

5 thoughts on “Dry Clothes Please

  1. Linda K

    I was thinkiing of you when I heard the shipping forecast last night, and it mentioned gales for Shetland. It’s amazing how your spirits perk up with a bit of sunshine though,
    Nice to see Jack.

  2. Celeste

    Here in the high desert of New Mexico, USA we are lucky to get 8-9″ of rain a year! So I enjoy your wet pictures, even though I know you don’t. But I don’t envy you the gales and wind with no trees.

    Isn’t Iacs a good boy to repeatedly stand still in his foot bucket?!?!

  3. Carol Morley

    I think everyone who lives and works in the country is obsessed with weather since it affects so many of our daily routines. My hall is full of boots, raincoats and dog towels drying near the radiator and I’m retired now. I bought my son a new weatherproof coat for Christmas and it’s proved to be his best present!

    I live in the south east of Scotland so we’ve been coping with snow and ice rather than rain recently but ground is still as wet when it thaws. There’s a blue sky visible so I’m hoping that we stay dry today and that you have a chance to dry out too.


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