A Nice Stallion

I let Kappi, Haakon and Iacs stay with the Minions in the big shed.  They all seemed to get on very well so I thought “why not?”


Taktur (and Klængur) joined them later.  They had been down in the bottom field just standing in the intermittent snowfall and I called them up, feeling sorry for them.

I warned Taktur that if he did not behave, especially with Tiddles, I would put him straight into a stable on his own.


So, apart from a perfunctory sniff, he didn’t really notice Tiddles or consider him a manly threat.


They were all sharing their hay very happily.

BN2A9013 BN2A9018

(I gave Tiddles lots of little piles that he could go to if he was bullied off).  He does have victim written all over him.


I think this photo describes the Minion/Icelandic horse relationship.  Storm stands on the hay and Taktur (stallion) and Klængur have to eat around him.  No one minds.


Luckily for Taktur Silver remembered his role in life – which is to make Taktur’s life a living hell.

BN2A9036 BN2A9048BN2A9057

He even brought Waffle in to help with a well performed two pronged attack.


And this is the sum of Taktur’s defence.  He raised his back leg trying to evade Silver’s teefs.  He is a very nice stallion.  Lesser chaps would not have been half as nice.

BN2A9040   BN2A9030

Taktur did to a bit of playing with Silver who was over the moon to find someone up for a good game.


I think they have all missed their little friends.

3 thoughts on “A Nice Stallion

  1. Rebecca Final

    What wonderful photos and a great story. The pic of Silver with his teeth baring down on Taktur’s hock is priceless. Ponies do think they are “all that”, don’t they?

  2. Karen

    Oh my goodness Silver is just like my sprocker pup. She thinks she is a big dog and though half the size of her friends (huge white German shepherd, large muscled choc Labrador and ginormous labradoodle) chases them all over the fields boxing their faces and nipping their back legs and tails. How they put up with her I don’t know, but that all seem to have fun. Silver is clearly the equine equivalent and Taktur is such a generous fellow.

  3. Linda

    I wonder if Silver (and Waffle) were making sure Taktur was staying away from Tiddles?
    And those teeth aimed at Taktur’s leg look a bit scary to me…but obviously it’s all in fun – since Taktur joined in the playing.
    And so… “The Kids Are Alright” 🙂


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