Dreich Day

It was a dreich day in Lerwick.

Having first checked everyone was ok – Lilja was fine and almost part of her new herd; thank you all for thinking about her – Daisy and I went into town get some supplies.

We trudged up and down the high street almost on our own.  The place was deserted probably due to the miserable weather.

I bought a few crafting things for my models – wire, pipecleaners, sticky dots, etc.

Feeling very uninspired with the whole day, Daisy and I bought ourselves lunch and ate haggis and chips in the car.  The view was good looking over to Bressay, an island across the Bressay Sound.

There was one highlight, however……..

The local feline celebrity was in residence upstairs in Boots.

He is called Tommy and he has his own Facebook page about his adventures around Lerwick.  It was nice to meet him. We left him sleeping happy in the knowledge that he wouldn’t be disturbed and no one minded.

2 thoughts on “Dreich Day

  1. Terri

    Thanks, I always enjoy a virtual walk in Lerwick. Tommy is adorable! Great news that Lilja has been mostly accepted into her new digs!
    Just curious: Someday, when there’s Absolutely Nothing Else in Shetland to photograph, would you please post a photo of haggis? I’ve heard of it (and even have an authentic Scottish recipe, which I’ve never made), but I’ve never actually seen it. One eats it with chips, but does one also use a condiment(s)? Obviously not the most important thing in the world.
    Have a lovely weekend!


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