Double Whammie!

Meet Lambert!


He arrived last night and we put the boys together in their pen, fed them, kissed them goodnight and left them to it.  There is no such thing as the silence of the lambs.


This morning, feeling rather apprehensive, we put Lambie and Lambert in the back garden together whereupon Lambert instantly escaped to be with us *** sigh ***.  So we all ended up sitting outside together – Daisy, Lambie, Lambert, BeAnne, Loki and me in the garden getting to know each other.


Lambert has a similar background to Lambie.  He was one of a twin whose mother and twin died.  He is also small, like Lambie, and they are almost the same age so that will mean joint birthday parties then.


Lambert is bottle fed, although he is on only two bottles a day as opposed to Lambie who is on 4.  Lambert has also lived in a herd of sheep so vaguely knows what is expected, like eating grass and playing.


So that is us welcoming a new member to our family.  BeAnne is dubious but has been told that Lambert is friend not food.  Also, for once, OH approves of this addition as he thinks this will keep Lambie out of the house!


We are all hoping Lambert will fit in well at Thordale.  He is happy to follow and loves everyone, so that is a good start.


Lambie looks a bit bewildered as he has never seen a sheep up close before but, as the day progresses, they are learning to communicate.


One of the chaps already, I hope.






6 thoughts on “Double Whammie!

  1. Robin

    I ADORE your menagerie! All the love amongst all of you! Except Tiddles yesterday. That ear chew was a little sneaky…but done with love!

  2. Rebecca Final

    Love his color! He looks like a hershey chocolate bar. They will become fast friends I’m thinking.

  3. Michelle

    Lambert is a very fine-looking Shetland – one I’d be happy to see born to one of my ewes! I do hope he and Lambie will be good friends; I love your menagerie, too. 🙂

  4. Terri

    Congrats! He’s a cutie. Is he the same breed as Lambie? Now you have a herd of your own! (in a manner of speaking) I hope Lambie and Lambert become BFsF!


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