His Own Fault

There was a beautiful light this afternoon as we came to the end of the day at half past two (fer cryin’ out loud!)

A fierce wind, though, and everyone was huddled in the most exposed part of their field because, well, I guess they wanted to.  Notice how the little ones are using the bigger ones for shelter.  Shetland ponies are not stupid.  The jury, however, is still out on Iacs (the silly frilly at the front).

Armed with my bucket and possibly a few carrots about my person, I drove over to Leradale.  Everyone was nicely far away in the hilly part of their field, which is good – it means they are wandering around, looking for food and not just staying in one place.  There is plenty of grass if they go and look for it.

I called Delia over. I love this photo – Delia was on her way but had to tell Storm off.  He was probably being annoying.  He’s good at that.

The “monster” coming over the hill.

Delia is a determined old lady.

Storm practiced his Winning Smile.

Delia loves her daily bucket.

There was some loitering with intent!

And Delia got Storm.  In a furious rage for over-stepping the mark, she covered in him the turmeric/soya oil goo that she likes to lick out of her bucket at the end of her meal.

Storm knew it was wrong but he has to try.  Every day, he has to try.

Tonight’s sunset was good at 15:21.  I can’t wait for it to start getting lighter.

5 thoughts on “His Own Fault

  1. Sam

    Poor Storm! He sees The Winning Smile works for Lambie, so why not him? Did Delia lick the turmic off Storm’s face? Here I thought a 4:30 sunset in New England was early….

  2. Highmac

    Sunshine! Down here in Northants it was a true Scottish dreich day. Never really got light, the air was damp and it barely got above 4C … Glad you got some more of your great pictures.

    And you’ll have added a few more miles towards your thousand. Are you using a pedometer to count your steps?

  3. Judith Garbutt

    It was a beautiful day in my part of northeast England – bright sunshine, no clouds until about 3pm, and NO wind. And it was light until after 4.30. Frances, I can’t help feeling a little bit sorry for Storm. He tries so hard to be the star of the show!

    1. Frances Post author

      Don’t ever feel sorry for Storm. Everything he does has a glint in his eye. He knows I love him very much (my special boy). He is a little Napoleon.


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