Dog Walk Alone

Last night, Ted and I went to bed at 20.30. I make no excuse for this – I was utterly exhausted and definitely asleep by 21.00.

This resulted in me waking early this morning so, as it was getting late, lighter and I couldn’t procrastinate any longer, I took Ted out for his usual walk on my own.

It was very cold and there had been quite a frost overnight.

The dog walk used to be Floss’ job and I am missing her more than anything. She did everything for me and my life was relatively easy, I now realise and was possibly not nearly grateful enough.

I have put notes all around the house reminding me to do various essential and instantly forgettable things so hopefully I will stay on top of everything.

It was a nice walk – a few deer in the distance and lone golf ball.

I am sure Ted and I will quickly fall into a routine together.  Before, Ted had been Floss’ perogative so it’s just him and me from now on.

He has a lovely Winning Smile so I think is happy with his set-up.

10 thoughts on “Dog Walk Alone

  1. Sam

    Teddy is lucky to have you and Flossie to look after him. And adjusting to a solo household has to be odd and off-putting. Keeping you and your mom in my thoughts. More purrs from Little Miss Maine Coon.

  2. Louise Helen Whyte

    such a sweet dog to help comfort you. Beautiful park, which one is that? And no one there amazing for london.

  3. Kathleen woolley

    Dear Francis,
    You and Teddy look so lonely. I do hope your Mum gets well soon and is able to come home. It looks such a beautiful home and gardens. So fingers crossed and give her my best wishes, we are all rooting for her.
    Love and cuddles to your little mate, Teddy. ❤️

      1. Judith Garbutt

        So very sorry to read this, Frances. Will be thinking about you and your family. Beautiful autumnal pictures. I do so appreciate that yoy have continued to prepare this blog for us each day when it must feel like just another chore. xx

      2. Kathleen Woolley

        So sorry Francis, I didn’t realise. It must be so hard for you leaving your home in Shetland, but what a good daughter you are. I went through the same thing with my Dad. Luckily I lived near so it wasn’t such a trauma.. God bless you. Will Ted be able to go and see her ? I know when I was in hospital Dillon our Patterdale came to see me. It was so reassuring somehow
        Take care X

  4. diane in northern wis

    Ted definitely has a good smile…glad you’ve got him for company these days. Writing notes was a good idea! Take good care, Frances. All the best to your Mum.

  5. Kris

    Frosted leaf pictures are exceptional.

    Those of us of a certain age understand what you are experiencing. It’s not an easy route to follow and the destination is not desired. Your Mom raised a loving and caring daughter, much as you have done with your family.
    I’m sure she is proud, as you must be.


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