Today, I am dog-sitting Pip, my mother’s gorgeous rescue Patterdale while Mum goes to a hospital appointment.

Having worked hard most of the day doing various stuff (cooking, cleaning and running around in circles because I don’t know where everything is kept here), I decided that as the sun was out, Pip and I should go for a walk.

We had been earlier in the morning but it had poured and poured with rain and was horrid.  Now the sun was out and it had warmed up too.

We don’t have many trees in Shetland so I am blown away by the surrounding ones.  Since I lived here, many years ago, they have all grown hugely.

(I remember these being planted!)

It was a nice walk and while Pip got his p-emails, I took photos.  We worked well as a team, he would drag me off to sniff something and in return, I would make him wait while I took another photo.  A give and take relationship.


Pip really is a darling little chap.  It is always nice having a dog around.  I do miss BeAnne hugely but apparently she is not missing me at all and has taken to sleeping in the sitting room.  I have been replaced by a long lost squeaky ball that she has recently found.  So I am now just a distant memory to her.  The squeaky ball is her current love.

Daisy sent me these a few days ago.  My life in Shetland seems worlds away.

So very different.

7 thoughts on “Dog-Sitting

  1. doris eckerlein

    sad reason – but a nice change!
    I love trees – hugely missing them in North Frisa….
    You have magpies??? Lucky one! We don t . People her hate them and poison them – as well as the crows, ravens ad so on.Thanks forthe pics!!

  2. Gwen

    I love seeing the trees and flowers and of course the magpie, I think they are lovely nirds,, hope you are well and having a rest, nice little dog your Mam has, I am sure B anne is missing you a bit too we all are
    keep taking the pictures and give us the history

  3. Gwen

    I was rushed to hospital on Sunday morning ambulance arrive here at 3am and we got to hospital at 4am tell you about it when you get back, I was only in for one night and they let me ou sunday night

  4. Terri

    Your childhood home is beautiful — how fortunate you were to grow up here. Interesting that you chose a life in Shetland, which has its own special beauty and stillness. Yes, worlds apart. Pip is adorable, and I’m happy he keeps you company. How could Her Maj possibly replace you with a squeaky ball? She’s just pretending not to notice. You’ll see! Take care.

  5. Sam

    Glad Pip is such a good dog. Her Majesty needs reminding who is tops (it is not a squeaky ball).
    Glad you got your tree fix.


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