Lyra and Daisy

Daisy misses Lyra when she is away at university so we popped over to the girls’ field in Sandness for a visit.

Lyra was thrilled.  She knew just who I had brought with me.


(I love this picture – the way Lyra shuts her eyes out of happiness).


Of course, Zoot got in on the action too.


But Lyra wouldn’t give up.


At one stage Daisy nearly sank under all the ponies!


Zoot persevered – she thinks Daisy is her’s too.


But Daisy’s heart truly belongs to her Lyra.  It always has.


It was lovely to see these two friends reunited.


(I think I have something in my eye – looks round frantically for a tissue)


The hat was a Christmas present and came from Kinloch Anderson – – it is beautiful and very soft.


I don’t really know what the future holds for Lyra.  Daisy would be furious with us if we sold her (note-to-self, must take her (Lyra, not Daisy) off the For Sale page of our website).  I think Daisy should learn how to show Lyra and take her in the ring for us.


They have this special relationship.  It has been since Lyra’s birth.  She has always just loved Daisy and no one else.  A match made in heaven.

Damn this hayfever, especially at this time of year! (sniff)


5 thoughts on “Lyra and Daisy

  1. Ace

    I think Lyra has already been sold….to Daisy’s heart! You sure are blessed with the knack of catching the moment through your lense!


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