Do not talk to Storm

No one is talking to Storm.  He was awful this morning.  I am very cross – no, disappointed, that’s worse – with him.

While Vitamin was eating her daily bucket, he nipped in and shovelled as much as he could.  I was putting barrier cream on Tiddles’ nose and Storm took advantage of my absence.  I quickly rushed back to Vitamin.

Newt was a gentleman (I’m not going to lie to you, but that makes a change. We’ve had quite the winter with him).

Tiddles was his usual angelic self.

“Yes, you were.”

Such a handsome chap!

And meanwhile….. Storm.  **** sigh ****.

He had been told once and he was not giving in…..

Storm has no boundaries.  The lowest of the low.  Annoying for the sake of annoying.  He went away with a flea in his ear.  Poor Vitamin. She doesn’t need the hassle. No one does.  He is a wee turd.

1 thought on “Do not talk to Storm

  1. Cathy

    I seem to remember that of your original little rescue group, Storm was the one who you were most afraid wasn’t going to make it. It’s no excuse, but maybe in his fuddled little mind he sometimes still finds an urge to fight for his existence? He definitely needs a talking to though …. Poor Vitamin.


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