Still Trying

I have had this “new” camera now, I think, probably over a year and I struggle with it.  I have asked a user group for help and have decided that the problem is most definitely me.  I need to just get out more and use the ruddy thing so I can work out how best to get on with it.  Or sell it.

Last night, after transcribing my month (I am up to November 1929 now) of my Great-Great Aunt Kate’s diaries, I went outside with said camera to see who I could practice on.  ‘Ster was my willing volunteer.

He is such a dude.

I need more depth of field in this one.

Monster in his basket.

And this is from today on my travels to our village after feeding Vitamin – who is doing so much better now (picture with my phone camera, which I adore and get on very well with).

I had the road to myself so could stop and take photos as I went.

I am still not sure. My jury is out.  I will go back to the users forum and see what they suggest.  Looking at these photos, I may just cut my losses and sell.

9 thoughts on “Still Trying

  1. Cathy

    That’s so disappointing, but I have to agree, todays photos lack the crisp focus and detail of your usual shots. Even the colours lack depth and intensity.

    How much are you relying on automatic settings … focal lengths, exposure time, aperture etc? For proper photos, I hate not having full creative control but it takes time to get the best out of a new camera. Hope you get to grips with it ….. resale values of digital cameras are not all that good. And when you don’t love the camera, there’s less incentive to try. ( Been there, done that!! )

    1. Frances Post author

      and I am trying very hard to think focal lengths, exposure, etc. Not all on automatic. Me thinking and failing.

  2. Cathy

    My favourite cameras are like an extension of my hand and brain, but others I have really struggled to work with.

  3. Betsy Hadley

    Are the sheeps on the schedule for shearing? I found out the hard way that a sudden warm day is very hard on the dearest fatties of the flock.
    As always, love your pics. Thank you for daily smiles.


    1. Frances Post author

      Yes. I think they will be sheared mid June. I spoke to my shearer the other day. We look for good weather.

  4. Linda Kirk

    I can hardly get to grips with my phone camera!

    I’m guessing it wasn’t cheap, so I would persevere as I’m sure you’ll figure it out. I wish I had your skills when taking photos.

  5. Sandra Coffman

    I think the pictures are good.
    Is your camera have setting? If you can pre set either exposer or dep of field pick one and sit it then play with the other. If there is a lot light the pre the exspoer and then play with depth of feel (the hight the number the narrow the depth. Then there is film speed. The higher the speed the less light gets into the lens.
    Hope this helps.
    (Sorry for spelling fingers do not work to good)


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